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There was once a man
In a faraway land
Who fell in love
With a beautiful maiden.

This man lived away from the city
For he was shunned.
But that made his love for the maiden
Only that much stronger.

One day his love
Could be fought no longer.
He went to the town to find the maiden
And tell her how he truly felt.

The men of the town, however,
Did not like the lover's entrance.
They told him to leave, and even tried to kill him,
But nothing would stop him from seeing his love.

He barged into the castle
And went up to the maiden.
She screamed, his entrance was very unexpected.
Even the maiden knew this man.

He tried to tell her how he felt,
But the guards would not allow it.
They tried to barge in and kill him,
Stop him from saying what he needed to say.

So he took the princess into his arms
And escaped as fast as he could;
The men were hesitant to hurt him
When he had royalty in his grasp.

So he took her home
So that he could speak to her alone.
But she would not listen,
She just screamed for help.

He didn't mind though.
He loved her, even if she didn't love him back.
He waited for her to calm down,
And his feelings could be expressed.

But the maiden's screams
Helped the soldiers find his home.
They barged in, yelling,
Swords at the ready.

The lover fought away as many as he could,
Determined to keep his love.
The soldiers fell as love spurred him on,
His strength feeling like that of a thousand.

After all the soldiers were defeated,
His tired arms could barely move.
His heavy breathing resonated
Through the dark walls of his home.

One last knight went into the home,
Riding a steed as white as the clouds.
His blade was golden,
His strength unresolving.

He charged the lover,
Who had no strength left to fight.
He sobbed as his swipes were dodged easily by the knight,
And the knight plunged his blade deep into the lover's heart.

The lover let out a great cry as pain enveloped him,
His pulse slowing.
He could feel his strength leaving.
And his mind fading.

The lover fell to the ground,
A loud slam of his body echoing through the halls.
The princess cheered as the knight stole his love away.
The lover's breath began to slow.

His large eyes began to close.
His arms flopped lazily to his side.
The last thing the lover saw
Was the knight taking his love away.

With one last breath,
And a shudder,
His eyes closed.

A cloud of smoke filled his cave
As it escaped his dying nostrils.
His claws relaxed, letting out a loud scratch
Against the floor of his cave.

The knight had taken the princess home
And they had gotten married.
The knight and the princess lived happily ever after.
The dragon had been slain.
A short little free verse story poem thingie I wrote for creative writing. Not pony-related, but I kind of like it.

Sorry if it's kinda sad, but I just felt like I needed to write this story. It suddenly came to me and I just needed to type it up.

Hope you guys enjoy!
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November 18, 2011
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